DOS Taekwondo Marrickville Sydney has recently won 4 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals, and 4 Bronze Medals from 11 fighters in the ADELAIDE Nationals 2015. We are very proud of our new achievement brought by our Grand Master Serdar Guner and his amazing taekwondo team!

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DOS Taekwondo Marrickville has indeed reached a lot of achievements since we began teaching youngsters on how to improve themselves by means of taekwondo. Taekwondo has become a part of our lives and we are very happy to share it to other people who are willing to learn. With taekwondo, you will get a lot of benefits to improve your overall health and skills. It is fun, beneficial and rewarding. With the help of Sam Guner, DOS Taekwondo Marrickville has become enjoyable to children and adults.


Many parents are enrolling their children in Taekwondo Marrickville Classes. But not all find the suitable taekwondo environment where their children will progress and improve. DOS Taekwondo Marrickville will give you a list of things to take note of when choosing the right Taekwondo class for your child.


Things to remember when choosing the right Taekwondo Marrickville class for your child:


Knowing the Instructors is Knowing the Academy

  • When you have idea about the leader of the academy, then you will know how they work. Great leaders have a greater team. If they are friendly, approachable and dedicated with their work, then it would be better for your children to learn with them. You should also see if the instructors are recognized as official taekwondo masters or member of the Kukkiwon which issues instructor cewrtification, black belt certification.


Taekwondo Curriculum

  • A taekwondo curriculum includes philosophy, basics, form, self-discipline, sparring, breaking, stretching, meditation, leadership skills and fitness. Although, you may find some curriculum that has additional lessons like taekwondo training with weapons. If you found an academy with a curriculum that lacks lessons from the ones stated above, then their curriculum might not be complete.


The Taekwondo Students

  • Your child will be cooperating with the students of the chosen academy so it’s best to also research about the students of the taekwondo Sydney school. If you see the students happy and enjoy their classes then it would be a great environment for your child. Also, if there are students who has already achieved awards, then the school is great.

It is your turn!

Now that you have known the things to remember in choosing the right class, how about enrolling your child now? This could be one of the good opportunities your child must grab. Who knows, your child could be like Sam Guner, the grand master of Dos taekwondo.

DOS Taekwondo Marrickville has a progressive, fun and safe learning environment that allows fast and easy learning for the students. We do not only teach our students, we facilitate their learning and we also give individual attention for them to be able to achieve their goal.

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Enroll your child now at the best Taekwondo Marrickville school, DOS Taekwondo!

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