If you are looking for the best Taekwondo club for you or your child, look no further. DOS TAEKWONDO is hands down the best Taekwondo Club in Sydney and we are currently offering a Special Promo that you might find quite difficult to refuse!

1. Free Membership

No need to pay for a hefty membership fee when you join our club…. our membership is totally FREE!

2. Free Month Training

We are the only club in the area who offers no-obligation, FREE one month training. You or your child can join any of our class programs. However, it would be best to choose a class program dedicated to your child’s age level. Learn more about our class programs here.

3. Free Uniform

After you have completed your free month training and decide to be a regular member of the club, we will give you a full set Taekwondo uniform, including the belt. From here on you are required to come in your complete uniform whenever you join a class.

4. No Contracts, No Minimums

At DOS TAEKWONODO, we do not require our members to be tied down to a contract stipulating the minimum amount of days to be a member of the club. We are quite confident that you or your child will enjoy every moment spent at the club. But should you decide to leave for whatever reason, you may do so without having to worry about breaking your contract.


How would you like to get a FREE iTouch or a FREE iPad (OR BOTH!) by simply referring friends or family?

It is members like you who make DOS TAEKWONDO CLUB special by helping to create the warm and friendly atmosphere that we are known for. You are the key to our continued success! When satisfied members recommend us to their friends and colleagues, it plays a crucial part in growing our business. In grateful recognition for your referrals, we are happy to introduce our on-going Referral Program.

1. For every three individuals you refer that join DOS TAEKWONDO, you will be rewarded with a 16GB iTouch.

2. For every 6 individuals you refer that join our club, you will be rewarded with a 16GB iPad.

Referring your friends, family or colleagues is fairly easy. Simply print out a DOS Referral Card – Click Here, and give it to someone who you think would like to join our club.

Remember that we offer free membership, free month training and a free set of uniform for each of our new members. It would be hard for anyone to decline such an offer.

DOS TAEKWONDO has been successful over the years because of members like you and we appreciate everything you do for us. We hope our incentive program shows that appreciation for your support and for thinking of our business. So start considering those who you think may want to become a member, and start redeeming your rewards!

Conditions Apply:

  • Referral Cards are for non-member use only.
  • Limit of 1 Referral Card per person.
  • To earn rewards, the individual you referred should complete his/her free month training and become a full pledged member of DOS Taekwondo
  • The referred individual should not be a previous DOS Taekwondo member or have had a free trial in the last 6 months.
  • The referred individual must present a completed referral card upon their first visi