The Taekwondo Western Sydney Belts are the symbols of growth, maturity and development in taekwondo martial arts. For some, they’ve dedicated their lives in achieving the Black Belt, which most taekwondo artists consider as the ultimate achievement. But before you get to the ultimate achievement and become a legend of your own, you first have to accomplish difficult challenges that are in your way. And of course, you have to start at nothing.

DOS Sydney Taekwondo is a leading taekwondo academy where legends begin. We all start at nothing and we make it to something bigger. At Taekwondo Western Sydney, we all start at the white belt. Then as we grow and learn more, we move a step forward getting closer to our goals. But then, another challenge is in front of us that we need to face before reaching a higher rank or belt. Our journey starts from the white belt to the black belt, but what’s in between?

Here are the Different Taekwondo Western Sydney Belts

White Belt

  • Every taekwondo masters and students started with a white belt. A white belt symbolizes innocence, meaning that the bearer of the white belt has very little knowledge of taekwondo and is yet to learn advanced taekwondo. After the white belt, you are ready to get you Yellow Belt.

Yellow Belt

  • Yellow Belt is the representation of Earth. Yellow Belt is defined by the foundation you have created with your white belt. You now have knowledge regarding Sydney taekwondo and can grow a beautiful plant with the help of your foundation.

Green Belt

  • The Green belt represents the plant that is growing from your foundation, meaning that you are growing and developing like a plant.

Blue Belt

  • The Blue belt symbolizes the Sky and Heaven. When you’ve grown like a tall plant, you will be able to reach the sky. This means that you are learning more and able to apply your knowledge to further your growth.

Red Belt

  • The Red is different from the other belt. It does that represent the growth, but the danger of what’s ahead. You have learned a lot and become very skilled with taekwondo, but the challenge that you have to face is yourself. Do you have the discipline, self-control and maturity to reach the ultimate goal?

Black Belt

  • Finally, you have reach the Black Belt, the representation of Maturity and rejection of darkness and fear and also the combination of all the other color of the belts. For some, the Black belt is their ultimate goal and achievement. But for others, the Black Belt is just the beginning of a new and fresh journey to become a legend.

Her at DOS Sydney Taekwondo , you can start your very own adventure. Come and Enroll now!

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