Fitness has always been the forefront of my life ,however after a long-term illness I knew that I needed to do something to heal from the inside as well as physically. My son started training taekwondo at Dos Taekwondo with Sam Guner a few years ago as it was recommended to me to help with his concentration at school as well as to help with his low muscle tone.

Just in a few short months my son gained better results at school but more importantly a whole world of respect focus and strength and FUN. The whole family is now training as it was just too addictive to ignore ….Sam and the whole team at DOS are always motivating professional with strong ethics in support of any dream you may have. Not all of the family is competing in this sport but this does not matter as everyone has their individual needs and desires and this is what DOS is all about …….thanks so much for giving our whole family a new lease on life and something fun the whole family can share.