-Feris Sefian

Amazing experience training with Sam and the family at DOS. Sam has been an extraordinary coach for me, changing my life for the best, giving me the privileged opportunity to be a part of a national team for Australia in a Korean tournament, as well participating in State and National tournaments. Not only have I learnt respect being Sam’s student, Ive learnt what hard work and determination can achieve.

Ive been training with Sam from the young age of 11 and i have never not felt part of a family. Best experience to date.

-john smith

Big thank you to sam at grandmaster Sam at dos for helping me lose 80kg gaining confidence in life and helping me achieve gold at nationals and NSW looking forward to competeing in Korea soon

-Matt Lewis

For anyone wanting their kids to learn discipline & self defence whilst helping to build confidence in a fun and active  environment this is the club for you. I have 3 boys attending DOS Taekwondo, 2 of which have won national titles under the guidance of Master Sam.

-Matt Pritchard

Sam and the trainers at Dos Tae Kwon Do have been such a positive influence on nate. It's improved his strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and confidence. I can’t recommend them highly enough to anyone looking at starting their kids or themselves in Taekwondo. Great job guys, thanks so much!

-Paula Mezrani MPM Financial Group

Fitness has always been the forefront of my life ,however after a long-term illness I knew that I needed to do something to heal from the inside as well as physically. My son started training taekwondo at Dos Taekwondo with Sam Guner a few years ago as it was recommended to me to help with his concentration at school as well as to help with his low muscle tone.Just in a few short months my son gained better results at school but more importantly a whole world of respect focus and strength and FUN. The whole family is now training as it was just too addictive to ignore ….Sam and the whole team at DOS are always motivating professional with strong ethics in support of any dream you may have. Not all of the family is competing in this sport but this does not matter as everyone has their individual needs and desires and this is what DOS is all about …….thanks so much for giving our whole family a new lease on life and something fun the whole family can share.

-Sarah Cetiner

I can highly recommend Dos Taekwondo to all the families who want to help their child to boost up their self-confidence, attention span and self-discipline. Enrolling my son at Dos Taekwondo in Caringbah has been the best decision I have ever made; for him to improve physically, mentally and spiritually. At Dos Taekwondo, through the age appropriate activity fun based curriculum and team work oriented environment, children not only learn a variety of different ways of self-defence tecniques but also increase their level of self-confidence and as a result decrease their level of anxiety.
What differs  Dos Taekwondo from any other club is that you are not locked in with any contract and through seing the difference it makes in your child's life you take your child in regular basis yourself.
What I like about Dos Taekwondo the most is respect comes first. Children attending Dos Taekwondo club firstly learn how to be punctual to their class and respect their master, instructors and other peers. Respecting their master in Taekwondo motivates the children to respect all their elders and people around them in their lives. If you are looking for an after school activity for your child and you can't make up your mind about what would suit them the best, give Dos Taekwondo a shot and you won't regret it!