What is Taekwondo? The name Taekwondo comes from the Korean word “Tae” meaning foot, “Kwon” meaning fist or hand and “Do” meaning path or way of. So Taekwondo means “the way of the foot and hand”. The name Taekwondo has only been used since 1955 even though this form of martial arts began over 2,000 years ago in Korea.

During the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945) and then the Korean War, the practice of martial arts by Koreans was forbidden. Small groups continued to study and teach the art in secret. Taekwondo was introduced to the United States in the 1950′s. By this time the word “Karate” had become a generic term for the martial arts.

In 1980, Taekwondo was staged at the Olympics in Seoul in 1988 and in Barcelona in 1992 as demonstration sport and was adopted as an official program of Sydney 2000 Olympics. Now Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world and the Sutherland Shire.

Tae Kwon Do aims to unite the practitioner’s mind and body into a single, concentrated force capable of swiftly overpowering an aggressor regardless of their size, age or strength. Tae Kwon Do is suitable for men, women and children and does not require any prior level of fitness or knowledge.

The practice of Tae Kwon Do improves flexibility and conditioning of the entire body; enhances concentration, discipline and self confidence; and promotes good character and ethical conduct.

Get involved in one of the newest Olympics sports Taekwondo whether you are from the St George area or with us in the Sutherland Shire you will have fun and get fit. Tae Kwon Do is the most popular Shire Martial art.

What Is Taekwondo and Its Benefits?

  • combat childhood obesity
  • developing the skills to defend yourself
  • achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle
  • learn to focus and improve school performance
  • set and achieve short term and long term goals
  • improving endurance, strength and overall fitness
  • become role models and develop leadership qualities
  • increasing the likelihood that you will exercise regularly
  • develop the self-discipline and self-control to not bully others
  • develop the self-confidence and strength to better deal with bullies

And having fun!