There are different types of Martial Art Sydney and each type requires different types of Martial Arts Equipment Sydney as well. Martial Arts Equipment is used for training and for joining competitions. If you want to practice a certain type of martial arts, you should know the equipment that is used in that particular martial art Sydney.

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For this time, we are going to share with you the different Martial Arts Equipment Sydney equipment used for the Different Types of Martial Arts.

Different Martial Arts Equipment Sydney


  • This is essentially used for working on hand strikes such as jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. There are different sizes of the gloves, the ones used for Mixed Martial Arts and then there’s the one used for Boxing.


  • The uniform usually comes with a belt and is used to signify the students ranking. Most uniforms from the different martial Art Sydney do not require any footwear.

Hand wraps

  • Hand wraps are strips of cloth used to protect the hands from injuries during training or fighting in competitions.


  • A padded helmet that is used to protect the skull from harsh blows during training or fighting.


  • Also known as Groin Guards, this is essential for the male martial arts fighter.


  • Mouthpiece is used to protect the teeth from direct hits and also to prevent the teeth from cutting the lips.

Shin Guards

  • Leg padding that is used to protect the shin area where most of the martial arts kick lands. The pads may come in various thicknesses.

All about Martial Arts  Equipment Sydney

If you want to be a professional Martial Artist, then it is best to know the different training equipment that will use to protect yourself from hits. You should also know the different martial arts Sydney and choose the type where you think you can excel better. But remember that no matter which type of martial art you choose, they will still benefit you.

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