Martial arts have a wide range of purposes in the lives of its practitioners. One of the most popular forms of martial art that has evolved over time is Taren Point Taekwondo. There are a lot of people that engage themselves in this type of martial art whether they may belong in the younger age group and even in the older ones.

Taren Point Taekwondo – The Different Punches in Taekwondo

Taren Point Taekwondo offers a lot of skills and techniques that practitioners may use in various situations. Not only will they need these in life threatening events but Taekwondo’s lessons may also be essential for ones mental and spiritual development.

One of the techniques that Taren Point Taekwondo emphasizes on is the hand attacks. This type can be powerful when done in a fast combination of strikes. Hand attacks are divided into 2: the open and closed hand strikes which are used depending on which part of the body the practitioner is attacking. Here is a list of hand positions that may be done during Taekwondo sessions and actual combats:

1. Backfist – it is done through the clenching of the hand and swinging it backwards into your opponent’s face. One variation of this is the spinning backfist that can surely knockout your rival and because of its dangerous effect it is sometimes banned in competitions.

2. Forefist – this type usually used when attacking the soft areas of your opponents body and is done with a closed fist that is jabbed out directly at the point of a strike.

3. Palm heel – another banned type of a hand attack. It is done with pulling back the hand to engage the base of the palm in and upward strike. Usually this type is directed to the nose and the chin.

4. Four – knuckle strike – this is done without closing the fist completely where the knuckles are bent as the fingers are held out. The upper set of knuckles is the ones used when striking. In competitions this is used during breaking boards and in combat it may break the rivals jaw.

5. Hammer fist – done with a closed fist with a hammering motion to strike underneath.

6. Knife hand – may be closely compared to “karate chop.” With an open hand the strike is done though a hammering motion and is usually directed to the opponent’s neck.

Taren Point Taekwondo – Dos Taekwondo has mastered the different kicks, punches and blocks that there is to learn in the martial art.  They are filled with instructors who are capable of teaching the different techniques there are to master.  With their training, becoming the best is just around the corner.

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